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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ubisoft giving ace-o RTS World in Conflict away for free DID YOU KNOW: one of the first-ever posts on this here website was about Massive Entertainment’s alt-Cold War real-time strategy game World in Conflict, and for years we even had a screenshot of one of its very impressive explosions on our About/mission statement page. It was a game we liked s... 05.12.17 11:02
Eurogamer Far Cry 3 Preview: Trouble in Paradise It always pans out the same way. You turn up a bit late and slightly sweaty, because in East London every street looks the bloody same. You then get shown a Powerpoint presentation extolling the virtues of 'Big Shooter Next' multiplayer, and soon after you and your fellow journalists are herded next... 12.04.12 10:00