Crashday Redline Edition


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Steam News

Community Announcements 1.5.33 Fixed the Bornbad's poor handling by increasing its tire widths (by Mica & OutBlast) Fixed 3rd multiplayer setup of the Bornbad; it now correctly matches C class (by Outblast) Target dedicated GPUs (e.g. Nvidia/AMD GPUs on laptops) by default. Fixed bug that can cause the window to become borderless... 07.07.19 19:40
Community Announcements 1.5.32 Fix crash when spamming in voicechat Add polish translation (Interface only) Enjoy! 29.06.19 22:11
Community Announcements 1.5.31 1.5.31 update: Fix map editor resize issues. Set Recovery.VelocityThreeshold to the maximum by default. Minor changes. Add Spanish language. Enjoy! 27.05.19 20:07
Community Announcements 1.5.30 1.5.30 update: Fix russian translations Fix turkish translations Fix checkpoint area of "chkhw.cfl" (By OutBlast) Fix Recovery.VelocityThreeshold. Improve singleplayer and multiplayer performance Improve performance in wrecking match Fix reverse speed limiters Increase max fields from 4000 to 8000 A... 01.02.19 18:52
Community Announcements 1.5.29 Update 1.5.29 update: Improve multiplayer performance Speed up a little bit the free camera movement Added the possibility to disable workshop mods without disabling the dev test mods. Added Hungarian translation (interface only) Added Turkish translation (interface only) Added 7 opponents and 4vs4 modes i... 07.10.18 16:17