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Community Announcements Beta Branch Patch 0.28 - Building UI "The building UI structure has remained mostly unchanged over the years, getting more complicated over time. Feedback from you and our experience at GamesCom, Dreamhack etc. confirms that it has a steep learning curve. To tackle this problem we went back to the drawing board. Almost every element of... 06.11.19 16:24
Community Announcements Patch 0.27.1 Bugfixes Fixed some events starting even though game is paused Fixed an issue with remote sector calls crashing the server Crew payment timer is only reset to 0 on payment or destruction, no longer on crew leave Fixed upgrades sometimes being invisible in system upgrade overview Fixed some issues wi... 06.11.19 10:57
Community Announcements Update 0.27 – More Missions {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27258641/3c4a3aa6ecbc7dfae520dc00a34b534a1052e7a0.jpg We always strive to make Avorion more accessible for new and returning players. To achieve this goal we have designed new tutorial missions. These missions will be unlocked during the game and explain more complicated mechanics... 29.10.19 13:39
Community Announcements Beta Branch Patch 0.27 - More Missions With this update we want to help ease the learning curve of basic game mechanics. With several new tutorial missions the Adventurer helps the player to understand new block types and weapons. In addition to the tutorial missions, long-term quests are introduced. These are given to the player after f... 17.10.19 11:24
Community Announcements Update 0.26.1 - Diplomacy {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27258641/ff9a2f7d5b3af4e3a774c6d1f50ca1706341e58b.jpg Diplomacy Gameplay We've reworked the way faction relations work. In addition to the relation points, there are now 4 distinct states, that you can slip in and out of, and that majorly define how AI factions interact with you. ... 17.09.19 15:24

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Chernobylite Spiel im Early Access auf Steam erschienen Der von Entwickler The Farm 51 kreierte postapokalyptische Titel Chernobylite, ist ab sofort im Early Access auf Steam erh├Ąltlich.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition ab sofort f├╝r Nintendo Switch verf├╝gbar Das erfolgreiche The Witcher 3 hat nun seine Switch-Version bekommen.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Vorverkauf ├╝ber den Rockstar Games Launcher gestartet - PC Anforderungen ver├Âffentlicht Rockstar Games gab heute eine gro├če Palette an neuen Informationen bekannt und startet zugleich den Vorverkauf.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar Games pr├Ąsentieren Trailer mit 4K und mit 60 FPS Es gibt frisches Videomaterial zur Computer-Version von Red Dead Redemption 2.
FIFA 20 FIFA 20 erh├Ąlt drei PlayStation 4-Bundles Sony stellte heute vier neue Bundles, passend zum Release, von FIFA 20 vor.
Allgemein Rennspiel Grid nimmt Tempo auf Das sind die aktuellen Charts.
Rage 2 DLC Das Erwachen der Geister heute erschienen. Bethesda haben die erste DLC-Erweiterung zu RAGE 2 ver├Âffentlicht.
Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.45 bringt erneut neue Fahrzeuge, Wettersettings und Events Das Update 1.45 ist f├╝r alle GT Sport Spieler nun online!
Diablo 3 Blizzard k├╝ndigt Diablo 4 mit zwei Trailern an Im Rahmen der BlizzCon k├╝ndigten Blizzard Teil 4 von Diablo an.
Allgemein Das sind die kostenlosen Spiele f├╝r die Games with Gold Abonnenten im Oktober 2019 Das sind die kommenden kostenlosen Spiele f├╝r Gold Mitglieder.