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Community Announcements Community showcase QA and Comic page #25 Hello everyone! It is Friday yet there is not patch today. I know it's sad but we are working on something that should improve the game in a way you all asked for. Well what do we have for you all then? Well a hot new Community showcase, Q&A and as is tradition a new comic page, all just for you. So... 13.09.19 13:42
Community Announcements SCUM - Hotfix {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27012442/9f44a1b818e40d08d4a8fb2e428446339d3aebcb.jpg Hello everyone! Yes we know that updates might not be on a weekly basis, but we have some hotfixes that should help to stabilise the game until we finish the super scary optimizations. Into the bugs we go!! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2... 06.09.19 17:54
Community Announcements SCUM - Community Showcase QA This was the best birthday EVER! Again big thank you to all you amazing people playing our game! Here is a new showcase with some new info down bellow! So let's get into it! I can... 04.09.19 15:56
Community Announcements SCUM - Hotfix Link to original Big thank you to everyone for the awesome birthday wishes it means a lot to us! Now here is a hotfix for some of the issues from yesterdays patch! https://steamcd... 30.08.19 18:37
Community Announcements SCUM Birthday Update - SCUM Comic #23 Greetings everybody!!!! Guess what? If you can count or google, today is our birthday!!! That is right 1 year of SCUM!! And to celebrate we have worked around the clock to bring y... 29.08.19 19:35

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